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This is a great place to learn about new and innovative ideas to use in your Spanish classroom at the middle or high school level! I have been teaching for 10 years and love to develop my own materials, use new strategies I learn about and I love to further assist other teachers with their professional development. I currently teach Spanish 3, 4 and AP at a high school in Oregon, but I have also taught in Montana and Mexico.

I believe that students learn language through comprehensible input as Stephen Krashen’s theory states, but I vary the input they receive and the ways I make it comprehensible. I intend on making student learning meaningful, engaging and interesting by using ACTFL standards and “can do” statements to guide my instruction. Click around and explore what I have to offer!


Curriculum Maps

Curriculum maps for Spanish 3, 4 and AP using comprehensible input

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Ready to use resources to use in the classroom

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Blog about effective teaching ideas tried in my own classroom.

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Please check out the “resources” tab for more information on products I offer, click on the “blog” for teaching ideas and feel free to contact me with any questions or special requests for material development.

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