Spanish 3

I mapped out my Spanish 3 curriculum according to ACTFL proficiency standards and the things I wanted my students to be able to do by the end of the year. I also identified cultural information and Spanish speaking places I wanted to expose my students to as I thought out how the year would be organized. I combined both storytelling and story listening techniques to allow for authentic acquisition of language through engaging content, using TPRS and CI as a guide for my infusion.

I started the year with students drawing their own characters, which were to be used in our class novel throughout the year. Every time we need a new character, we draw one from the pre-created drawings that students made. This enhances student buy-in to the story making process and allows us to move into the story line a little faster at the upper levels.

We started our class novel by identifying how we would get ready for the day, reviewing routines, reflexive verbs, etc. We moved to getting ready for a trip by identifying what we would pack, etc. We got ready for our trip and did the whole airport sequence in order to arrive to our first destination (Mexico). While students were in Mexico, they learned about the Day of the Dead and read the novel Tumba by Mira Canion. They also watched the movie, Coco. Students also learned about the history of the Aztecs and Mayas and read a couple of authentic myths and legends. They learned about ‘alebrijes’ and made their own creative stories based on their own created ‘alebrijes.’

After their trip to Mexico, students transitioned to the Dominican Republic, where they learned about the history of the island and favorite past times. They read the book Sueños de la Isla by JJ Hill, Marissa Rubin and Roberta Price.

Students then transitioned to Argentina where they learned about the history and culture of the country. They “lived” in a host family where they reviewed home structure and responsibilities and were exposed to the subjunctive.

Finally, students took a trip to Peru, where they learned about nature and ecology in addition to history. They ended the year reading La Maldición de la Cabeza Reducida written by Pinelands Regional High School Spanish Students under the direction of Nathaniel Kirby.

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