Get your class moving!

Want to get your class up and moving? Movement helps blood flow to the brain, rejuvenates students and prepares them for what comes ahead! Try some of these strategies to get students to move!

1. Galeria – Instead of having students read at their desks, have bits of information posted around the room. Create a task where students have to go to each station to read something and do something with that information. Be sure to have enough bits of information around the room to avoid overcrowding!

2. Stations – Like the activity above, have students move around the room, but instead of standing and reading, they can be sitting and working on different tasks. Maybe not the newest strategy in the book, but sometimes one we forget about!

3. Find Someone Who – Do “Find Someone Who” bingo games. Students must walk around the room to ask each other questions and find someone who says yes to them. They write down the people who say yes and yell “bingo” or “blackout” according to what they have on their boards. Check out a present tense find someone who game here.

4. Brain Breaks – Are your students getting that glazed over look in their eyes? Maybe it’s time to get your students up for just a couple of minutes! There are hundreds of brain breaks out there, but some of my favorites are wink-snap (winking with one eye and snapping with the opposite hand), doing yoga with my students and playing a quick game of “Simón Dice.”

5. Goosechase – This is the technologically savvy scavenger hunt. Of course it’s fine if you do a regular old scavenger hunt as well, but Goosechase is awesome! You can create tasks for your students to complete around a given area and they can submit videos, photos or you can even set GPS hints to keep track of them! The best part is when students are done, they come back to the classroom to watch all of their hilarious videos! Students LOVE this! Check it out here!

6. Four Corners – Label each of the four corners in your classroom in a specific way. For example, you can have “me gusta,” “me encanta,” “no me gusta,” and “no me gusta para nada” in each of the corners. You say something like “helado de vainilla” and students go to the corner that matches their preferences. This is a great vocabulary review activity as well.

7. Stand up sit down – Instead of doing the old true or false activities by writing the answers, have students stand up for true and sit down for false. This is a super quick activity but helps refresh students!

8. Running dictation – Designate a specific space (this works best outside) and paste some sentences up on the wall in the target language. Have students work in teams and have one student run to see the message and run back to tell their partner about it. Their partner has to write it down correctly. They take turns to run and write down the message correctly.

9. Round robin writing – Have students start a story at their desks. Each student rotates to one direction and sits at the table of the previous student. They continue to write the story until the timer goes off. Students continue to rotate in the same direction, sit down to write on a story and continue until they get back to their own desk. Students find it pretty hilarious to read how their original stories end up!

10. Dance! – This is a great way to incorporate a cultural aspect into the classroom! I like to introduce a song, talk about the type of music and then teach students a couple of dance steps to go with it! Many students love the opportunity to move while some just like to watch others! Either way, it’s a great way to lighten up and learn!

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