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Setting Up a Free and Voluntary Reading Program

If we know that students gain so much by reading in another language, how can we make that happen as much as possible in our world language classrooms? Setting up a free and voluntary reading program can be an excellent way to allow for student choice, give students an opportunity… Read more »

Comprehensible Input Strategies to Make Learning Meaningful and Connected

I have been teaching English and Spanish for about 10 years now and have had many experiences with assessing curriculum resources – identifying whether textbooks or novels I find will suit my learners. As a coordinator in a private school in Mexico, I remember having the overwhelming responsibility of requesting… Read more »

Music in the language classroom

What better way to introduce students to other cultures but through music? I love to use music to teach students about different genres and singers from different countries, while focusing on making the lyrics comprehensible so students actually understand the song! Here are a few tips on how to incorporate… Read more »

End of the Year Spanish Class Activities

End of the Year Spanish Class Activities It’s that time of year again… the flowers are blooming and the sun is coming out… and teachers and students start the countdown until the last day of school! I don’t know about you, but I get excited about this time of year… Read more »